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Lighttherapy-Pro is expert in the different forms of light therapy. We can offer you the lowest prices by bulk buying and purely online distribution! We offer home and surgery or hospital equipment, attaching great importance to quality and reliability when choosing our devices.

There are multiple forms of application for light therapy.

Daylight imitating light therapy equipment, also known as light showers, helps treating seasonal affective disorders (SAD), insomnia, PMS, and many more.

With the innovative technology of IPL hair removal, you have an effective and long-lasting hair reduction and hair removal. With the help of light pulses, the compact devices remove hair completely without pain.

LED and UV light therapy can also treat skin diseases such as psoriasis, neurodermatitis, vitiligo (leucoderma) and acne.

Infrared lamps can give relief with colds, tensions, aching muscles and many more.

Light alarm clocks or sunrise simulators are not considered therapy equipment, but wake you up in a very soft, natural way, making you feel awaker, fresher and highly productive.

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