reer MommyLine Well-being Lamp With Daylight And Mood Light
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reer MommyLine Well-being Lamp With Daylight And Mood Light

Ideal for small daily breaks and for relaxation
Delivery time 1 - 3 days

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Light has an important influence on the body‘s hormones melatonin and serotonin. Sunlight increases the secretion of the happiness hormone serotonin and has a positive effect on our mood.
With the MommyLine feel-good lamp, we use this natural effect and bring the sun to your home: the light mimics the light situation of bright, sunny days: After just 30 minutes "tanning" you feel more energized, active and alert.
This has been proven many times in medical studies in countries with long winter periods such as Scandinavia, the USA and Canada.


  • 2in1 lamp with LED daylight and LED mood lighting: With an intensity of up to 10,000 lux, the LED daylight lamp is based on sunlight stimulates the organism in a natural way and is completely free from harmful UV rays.
  • White natural light
  • Mood light in 12 different colors: In the wellness mode, you can choose between 12 different colors and create a cozy feel-good atmosphere at the press of a button.
  • Automatic color change selectable
  • Dimming
  • Remote Control
  • 30-minute timer function
  • Height-adjustable base for individual angle adjustment
  • Dimensions: H 20.5 x W 19.5 cm
Art.No.: WERE88080

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